An old lady beckoning true ghost story

Train CrossingGhost Stories

A certain railroad crossing of JR. Railroad crossing is a lot of traffic, such as during the morning and evening commuting rush, the train will be long wait once the bar descends.

On that day, I ran to the railroad crossings as usual, on my way home from school. The Crossing bar is closed, And a lot of trains pass before my eyes.

Waiting for the railroad crossings to open while bored, suddenly I noticed the appearance of the aunt that beckons towards the other side of the railroad crossing unexpectedly.

The woman of 50 years old is smiling and staring at me.
What that person?
I thought there was a friend on this side of the railroad crossing.

When I saw the side by chance, one man dived in the railroad crossing and invaded the line. What? I can’t! Dangerous! Thought that time

I knew when the train would come because it was a railroad crossing that passes every day.
It was Worst-case when he broke into the railroad tracks.

No time for me to stop the man, he was hit by a train coming from the right.


After that, I had a terrible thought.

The train stops, and the police come. Because the police asked about the situation that witnesses because there was a person who seems to be a wife who beckons across the railroad crossing, the uncle looked at it perhaps and had passed the crossing bar, and told all that it had seen including that.
Then, the policeman of the hearing officer who heard my story is often tilts his head in confusion

I’ve been talking to other witnesses. The story of such a woman did not come out. Over man was single.
I don’t know if he’s wife or not, but it was a parent atmosphere.

Even if it is said so, here is only to answer as seen.
At that time, “I’m sure you’re hiding it from the police,” said the lady, who was over because of what he beckons.
」 Just as I thought about it, there was no call from the police again, and the story ended there.

Then about three months later.

It was a railroad crossing which had been avoided for a while after the accident, and it was still inconvenient in life, and it had come to pass the crossing at the Studentson of commuting again by that time. On that day, I Sashikakari to a railroad crossing.

The railroad crossing has already gotten off, and the boy of the elementary school lower grades is waiting for the crossing to open quietly beside.

When I saw the other side of the railroad crossing, remembering the incident…
I couldn’t hide my surprise. The old lady who had the same face as the man who was beckoning stood there again. This time, with a big smile, it beckons towards here.


Oh mother.

I heard a boy’s voice.
I thought it was dangerous.
There is a sign of a boy trying to break into the railroad line next door.
I grabbed the child’s arm over the breaker bar momentarily.
I stopped the boy immediately after that, the express train passed in front of my eyes. It was just a nick timing.

When the train passed, the appearance of the old lady who had already beckoning had become invisible.

When the boy who had remained stunned was taken to the edge of the road, the woman who was panicking from the back ran.
That was the mother of a boy. She seemed to know the moment when the boy was about to enter the railroad, and he thanked me many times. The woman looked like a young wife in her twenties, and her face had an entirely different face to the old lady beckoning

In the end, there was a woman who was on the other side of the railroad, beckoning, but I didn’t know what it was.

Maybe it was the ghost of a dead person at this railroad crossing.

The railroad crossings are now elevated.