A path that children do blocking the way

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When I was a child, I lived in the countryside where my grandmother lives due to my parents. There was nothing but rice fields and fields, and shopping etc. were inconvenient, and it lived happily every day surrounded by beautiful nature.

A few kilometers away from the house where I live, there are places where traffic accidents occur frequently.
The road lasted for a long time, and the accident concentrated only at the night of the decided place for some reason, and the death accident occurred frequently.

The roadway was moderately maintained and I wondered why the accident would happen only in that place.

According to the story of the person who caused the accident, the children who had suddenly connected five hands would appear and block the road so that they could be blocked, and they would have caused an accident to avoid it.

I was told this story from my grandmother about the road.

“This is a story I heard from my grandmother. There was a case where a lot of children were killed in that place.
Grandma was saved, but the culprit was still not arrested and maybe the murdered children are still searching for the killer.”

As soon as I heard the story, I was trembling with too much fear.
The mother who had seen it said, “Do not say such a scary thing!” she warned her grandmother.

But the grandmother kept talking

“When you pass that road by car, if the child is blocking the road, you have to step on the accelerator without worrying.”

My grandmother used to say.

From that day, I was scared to live in the countryside, but then I move from my grandmother’s house to Osaka.

After that, I got used to the city life, and I forgot the memory of living in the country with my grandmother.

I was in my thirties and got married and had two children.

As the children grew up, they wanted to play in the river and mountains of the countryside, and they decided to visit their grandmother’s house during the summer vacation.

When I was a child, I left my grandmother’s house and visited my grandmother’s house after a long time.
My grandmother was old, but she is still fine.
She was looking forward to great grandchildren coming to stay.

The departure is late at night because of work, and it arrives at the country area by the expressway from Osaka.
The area was already dark.

Relying on the lights of the car and driving so as not to make a mistake on the road, I gradually remembered a familiar scene when I was a child.

I thought that I could reach my grandmother’s house while feeling nostalgic.
That’s time.

I felt as if I could see a human shadow in front of my eyes.

It’s midnight now. It was thought that there was no person who was walking in the night at this time.

However, as we approached, the figure became clear, and when we looked closely, the children dressed in kimonos about four Or five years old were lined up in a row with the feeling of holding hands and preventing our progression.

ghost of childrens

My wife says, “There’s someone there. Stop the car!
and said I tried to hang the brakes, too.

That’s time

I remembered my grandmother’s words.

I hit the accelerator and went into the children.
My wife screamed beside me, but there was no way I was splashing a child.
The car we rode slipped through the children.

My wife says, “Stop the car early and get back to the place.”
I come to oneself to my wife’s words, and I hurried to stop the car and return to the place I was.

However, there was nothing in the place, and it was the children that my grandmother had said. I was convinced.

My children were sleeping in the car, so I don’t know about this time.
However, we could not enjoy the countryside we visited in a long time.