Consultation with the priest

priestShort Scary Stories

My friend’s mother had an accident while she was driving.
He went to the victim’s back and apologized keenly.
But this victim is a bad guy, He demanded more money, came to his friend’s house, and yelled aloud every day. My friend’s mother had a nervous breakdown. I was afraid of the sound of the chime because my appetite was lost.

The mother of the embarrassed friend explained circumstances to the priest of the temple which had been good for a long time and consulted.
The priest who heard the story of mother said after it had a little silent for a while.

He has a hell of a time. Are you still good at it?

She said answer is Yes.

After a while he didn’t come home.
My mother went to the priest’s office to discuss the situation.
The priest smiled and said, “It was good.”
After that, no man came to the house at all. My mother’s condition was completely improved and she returned to her original life.

When I completely forgot about the man, I had a phone call from an insurance company that was taken care of during the accident.

“He says he’s dead.”

It is said that it was immediately after mother went to consult the chief priest when calculating the dead time. This temple still exists.