Gentle man peek from beyond the grave

Scared auntGhost Stories

I was born and raised in the West region of Japan. When I came up to Tokyo for a job, my parents built a house and moved to a certain residential area.

My parents ‘ work was transferred, so I was accustomed to starting a new but in a new land, and I was getting along well with my old couple.

I had no worries about my parents. When I came back a few years later, I was told that an old couple who were close to me died one after another.

However, because the parents seemed not to be sad so much, when I was asking,
“The relationship went bad because the son of the old couple was told that he was approaching his parents for money.”
After that, the old couple did not remember much, and one year and two years passed.

I was going home to my parents twice a year, but I had a feeling that the air in the house was getting colder.

And about five years later.
When I was at my parents ‘ house, I was washing my face in the washroom and looking at the mirror, I saw a face stared here with a look like a demon behind the right. There is no one to look back and to be surprised.

I rushed out of the washroom and told my parents what experience I had, and my mother “When I stand in this washroom, I’m afraid of the back.”
It said.

In addition “For the first two years, I fell down in the bathroom, and my dad was in the garden pruning, dropped from stepladder and broke into hospital… It’s just a odd thing to follow.” and continued.

In fact, I have been able to see things that are not from this world for about twenty years ago.
It may be because the people around me were totally unbelievable, and I needed to hone my nerves.

It’s not that you always see ghosts, but only when you or your ghosts need them can you see them.

My mother doesn’t particularly see ghosts, but she has the ability to feel something odd.
In recent years, She said he felt a sense of touch in the house.

This was going to be a bad thing, as we investigated the inside of the house, there was a face of “Hyottoko ” on the wall of the stairs behind the washroom.



It is said that it is the thing that the grandfather in that dead neighborhood made from the hobby when hearing it from parents anxious that it is an item not suitable for parents ‘ hobbies.

I became estranged, but it is a thing that I was decorating because it is regrettable to throw away… I felt a strange conviction that there was a problem with this aspect.

The feeling of anger was clearly transmitted from the face moved in the mirror.
When it was judged that the adverse effect if not dealt with early, there seems to be a mediumship who is indebted to the daughter of mother’s friend well, and it was introduced.

I went back to Tokyo because of my work, but my mother’s friends looked at me as an investigation and tried to take pictures, but I couldn’t released the shutter.

After that, Mediumship came and got the exorcism.
Mediumship’s say that.
The grandfather was hiding in the eyes of the face of ‘ Hyottoko ‘, and watching the world

The end becomes estranged, and the fact that I am dead as it is is not accepted even if it only got along.
He was trying to take my mother to another world, and he was against me and my father.

If I hadn’t noticed that time, it would be a little scary if my mother thought he was taken to another world.