haunted house

Haunted houseShort Scary Stories

A certain Complex commercial facilities named of S in Tokyo.
So I would like to talk about what I experienced about twenty years ago.

Today’s commercial facilities have all the shops in the basement, but at the time I was working there was not much, and there were only sparse shops.
I worked at the game Center which was in the back. There was a haunted house, and it was my main job to enter the entrance and move the machine.

There are visitors on Sundays and holidays, but I usually have to sit at the reception desk to be honest and have a good time.
The sutra was flowing as BGM, but if you get used to the fear, you will hear it like a lullaby. When I was listening to them on the day, I gradually became sleepy and started to asleep.

I was sitting, the wall next to the desk suddenly
“Bang! “
It was beaten. Beyond the wall is the inside of the haunted house.

At that time, I was working alone, but no customers came.
So there is no one in the haunted house. Of course, I checked around…
There was no figure. I woke up and got scared, so I decided to leave the office for the first day without any work.

There was this in the haunted House by a colleague at work. There were a few colleagues who were in the same eye as I was talking about.

It is a colleague’s story.
There was a small room that peep a haunted house, but the small room is separated by a black curtain, and the inside of the haunted house is made from a small window.
It is a room to confirm the person came from a small window, and to start a gimmick. One day, someone was peeping from the gap of the curtain, and disappeared when a colleague notices the existence of “who is it?” Even after peeping from a small window immediately after, it seems that there was no human figure.

Because S is a building built on the site of “Sugamo Prison”, I knew a lot of things. But what I heard from rumors is that the guards saw the soldiers in the patrols after closing and heard the footsteps of the shoes of the army…
It was.
The content that I and my colleagues have experienced is not related to them. A certain park next to it was a place of execution, but I can tell if something goes out in the park, but I don’t know why the incident occurred in our haunted house.

The cause of the psychic phenomenon was not understood, and such a phenomenon was scary and decided to resign from the office.


Before I quit my job, I thought there was something wrong with the haunted house, so I turned on the lights of the haunted house and explored them.
Then, in the interior of the haunted house, so as not to be found by people, “talisman” that seems to be real was pasted.
When I saw it, I was really in a cold sweat.

The place where the haunted house is now has changed to a famous certain toy shop. There was no appearance at that time that the underground town was deserted, and it became lively completely.