indelible videotape

Japan doll Short Scary Stories

It is a story when working for the post-professional of a certain television station series.

In the editorial office, there was a tape that never disappeared.
When I previously edited the feature of a psychic program,
To make ends meet, the contents of the tape of the material are dubbing to another tape, When the program was over, it was supposed to be put on a special machine called Eraser and erased.

However, even if the tape is eraser after the program Only the image that Japan doll was projected did not disappear.

The staff at the office were skeptical at first, but
I used the eraser machine over and over again, but even if I overwrite other images, the image of Japan form did not disappear.
In the end, the tape is still stored in the editing place with the Japan-style footage.
Also, the power-dropped VCR is moving without permission. Suddenly, some chanting sutra are heard in the editing room, and it is said that it has stopped receiving the work of the Occult program in the edit office since then.