My grandfather

GrandfatherGhost Stories

My mother is a very strong sixth-sense person. My mother’s seen a lot of things since I was young, and I don’t like to talk about it, but it seems to have been a great deal of unpleasant experiences.

As a daughter of such a mother, I had no sixth-sense, and I have never seen a ghost. But since I was little, I had a strange experience.

This is the story I experienced when I was in high school.


I will talk about the strange sensations I have felt since I was a child. Is it a thing have a premonition that?
When I turn off the light on the night of a bad mood, I always encounter incubus when I go into bed. The next day I was in Incubus, I would always be absent from school.

The reason I’m absent from school is not because I’m sick, but because someone of my relatives dies.

I always feel “something” the day before my relatives and close acquaintances die.

When I was a child, my great-grandfather, grandmother, distant relatives uncle… I don’t know what’s in there, but when people die, I thought this would happen.

One day, my beloved grandfather was hospitalized.

I loved my grandfather since I was a child, and I stayed at my grandparents ‘ house for a month during my summer vacation.

But at that time I was a second grader in high school. I joined the basketball club and had a sweat every day during the summer vacation.

At the end of my club, my grandfather’s hospital had already finished and I was exhausted from club activities and I didn’t go to see my grandfather’s face.

That day finally came.
As usual, I threw my exhausted body out to the bed and I was going to sleep… At the moment, I had a great tinnitus in my brain.

I opened my eyes in a hurry.
I thought. I felt like my grandfather would die.

When the body does not move at all in the Incubus, a strong ringing of the cymbal like being violently rung on the head, and the sense that the view spins round. It was such a terrible incubus for the first time.

But I was more full of grief than fear. I called my grandfather many times in my mind, and I kept praying many times not to die.

After a while,
I feel something like the energy of my grandfather’s wrath.
I’m sorry, Grandpa.
At the moment I thought, the body became light and the curtains of the room shook. When I noticed the incubus was melted, tears were spilled from my eyes.

I managed to move the body which became heavy by accumulating tiredness in the whole body, and went to Mother’s room.
Surprisingly, my mother was sitting on the futon with tears in her eyes. My mother looked at my crying face and went back to my senses and went to my grandfather’s hospital as it was.

On that day my aunt was nursing her grandfather in the middle of the night, but I was surprised that the two of us came suddenly. My grandfather was already unconscious.

Waiting in the hospital room, my grandfather woke up.
Recently, once a day, but I did not know whether to return consciousness, but I was clearly conscious of the first ever why.
My grandfather was completely thin, ate one of his favorite bananas at three o’clock in the morning, drank green tea, held my hand and slept again. My grandfather died the next morning.

I still often talk about that day with my mother.
My mother was feeling a bad feeling, and I was especially strong when I was a grandfather. But I have a thing to worry about.

My mother was told to bring me from her grandfather during the incubus. My mother has a nasty feeling. “Show my daughter’s face before you die, but I won’t let you go with your daughter after death. It is said that it was strongly prayed.

That was the first time I had a fight in Incubus. Looking sideways at my mother laughing, I might have been taken if I hadn’t apologized to my grandfather at that time… I remember when I thought it was chilling.

After that, I received a premonition many times. But I’m sorry, no matter how close you are to your friends, bye. It says.