Stay over in a haunted house

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This is a summer vacation incident when I was second grade student in junior high school.
At that time I was hanging with three bad friends, we were talking about doing something
Because it was in summer vacation, we decided to go to test of courage.
It is not fun to do it at an ordinary place to test, so we carefully selected the place.
At that time, one of my friends told me “I have a house with a history so stay over there for a day.”
Apparently, parents of them were doing a real estate company and it seems there was a place like
Lenders also seem to be hard to decide, and we got a wish when we asked about a day, but we
got OK … But I remember the real estate company’s people were not expressing much.
On that day, we took the train and headed for the destination.
To be honest this time I was looking forward to being able to stay with my friends in a picnic
mood, so I never even thought of what would happen afterwards.
When we arrived at the property we decided to start a party with food and drinks that we brought
on that day.
I strongly thought things such as ghost would not come out.
After we get filled, both water and electricity stopped, so we went to a nearby public bath.
After that we were talking scary in the dark room, but an accident would occur here.
A bran between the living room and the Japanese style room was only opened a little, only one
person was allowed to pass.
Did someone forget to close? We thought that it closed, everyone thought.
I was prepared for something unusual, and I did not want to think that I was crowded with that
much, so I chose to sleep afterwards.
But as I got up in the morning, there was a big strange change.
One of my friends (now I call him S) is not in the room.
Time is 5 in the morning. “Did S go to the bathroom outside?” I thought at that time. Other friends
were sleeping comfortably.
It took around 10 minutes or so, S returned home with a stronger door.
We will go home, we have to go home …
S said in a loud voice.
Apparently it seems that he was aware of that time of first train.
As S’s face got tired, his complexion was bad and I could guess he did not sleep.
I did not understand the situation well, so I asked why, but S will only say “return home“.
We lost the spirit, we immediately took a supplementary return and took a train.
In the train on the way back, S began talking about the circumstances.
It seemed that S woke up without sleeping even after we slept at night.
Then it seemed that noise has started to rise. Like human walking sound.
After that, he heard a sound like a groan, so he tried to raise other people but nobody woke up at
all and he said that he ran away in a hurry.
We heard the story on the train, we had no faith to believe, we were thinking that he was
stunning … I was thinking about it.
Because I did not believe in ghosts at all.
And during this summer holiday S died.
It is said that the cause of death was run over by a truck, but the driver told that he did not fall
asleep, but the handle moved without permission.
After that, one day when I came back from club activities my mother talked with a subtle face.
What on earth have you done?” “Have you never hidden something?
I was thinking that I should hide because I did not say that I stayed at the accident property (I said
that I would stay at a friend ‘s house), but I stopped hiding from the question and form of my
mother as though I had seen it, I honestly talked It was.
Then the mother started talking about the recent situation here.
Apparently, when I was not there, there seemed to be a visitor who knocked though it did not
appear in the peep window.
When asking “Who is it?“, He says only to open it, and ignoring it means that the sound of knock
has grown.
It seemed that she felt danger as it became frequent as she followed the day.
It seemed that my mother felt that I did something on the day I went to stay because of this
accident happened to our house and S’s sudden death.
I understood at this time, but my mother had an inspiration.
My mother contacted somewhere afterward and took me to the shrine nearby as soon as
As we arrived at the shrine, we were waiting for the spirit capability person who seemed to have
called the mother a while ago.
As the viewpoint of that person, it is told that the accident property has a very strong land god
spirit, that S is not the influence of that spirit, and that the next target is probably me It was.
And I got scolded that you should not use spirit as a tool for liver testing, much more strongly
reprimanded unless you are allowed to stay in a place like a remembered accident property.
Although I truly regretted from my heart, I got two guided copies of some kind of letters as I
received an amulet after undergoing a refuge because I had no choice but to respond anyway. I
was told to give one to another friend.
The written letters were said to read at least three times a day, for three days.
While reading, there might be a noise, but I was told to read it tightly until the end without
stopping reading.
In the beginning, I was sure that there was a noise, but as I repeated the number of times, it
became less, and on the third day the noise was off.
Afterwards, when I go to the shrine with thanking my friends and with my friends, with a relieved
expression from the priestess and spiritual ability
It was nice to be alive.
They said.
If I did not do as it was told at the shrine, I may have been as dead as S.
I have not realized that my danger is approaching so far, but I am not sure because it is a story of
a different world.
An amulet is renewed at the shrine there every year, and we have a copy of the letter we can not
release now.
And I decided to take self defense by not going to scary places and places where instincts avoid.
If you do something touched with spiritual place, you may be waiting for irrevocable reward.
I wish you do not have such a thing.