Strong sixth-sense colleague

Vase in ghostGhost Stories

I heard from a colleague at the office where my mother works. He is sensitive to sixth sense, and he is a person who always has a strange experience of seeing ghosts and Incubus.

One day, a colleague went to the customer’s house.
The entrance of the house was not very light, and in a dimly lit place, there was a vase that was not decorated with flowers. There was only water in the vase, but a colleague casually watched the vase, and the hand of the person came out slowly from inside.

In addition, after the human hand came out of the vase, the ghost face and legs followed and the whole body came out, and the colleague was puzzled.

The ghost that came out was a woman with a pale complexion, and after leaving the vase, she strolled around the door for a while and stood still in the corner of the door, but went outside when the door opened.

But when I was relieved when the ghost was gone, when I entered the house, there was another ghost in the living room.
It was an old woman’s ghost that was in the living room, and after approaching a colleague, I was able to come and looked the face of a colleague all the time.

There seemed to be some ghosts in the house, and it was so indistinguishable from the living people.
He says that a negative-minded and dismal aura calls ghosts.
He may have brought a ghost when the landlord went out. He said there were no bad spirits, but it was a strange house where ghosts and people coexist.

Maybe A ghost’s hand and foot might come out of the vase in your house.